How To Move to Canada the Right Way

The Right Way to Move to Canada
Canada plans to host more than 1.3 million immigrants in the next few years. One of the most desirable destinations for immigrants in Canada. In 2021 alone, the Immigration Service reported that 405,000 of her permanent residents had arrived in Canada and 560,000 had changed from temporary status to permanent residency.


Living in Canada is a dream of many people. Canada is actually a great place to live, but it’s important to move to Canada the right way. Immigration to Canada is not so easy. With so many immigration applications, Canada has set up some routes to make the process easier.
Please select the appropriate entry route:
Canada has several immigration programs.

Some of them are:

Starting visa:
If you have a viable business plan and a letter of support from an accredited organization to qualify for the Founder’s Visa, that’s great. It is important. Additionally, your company should be able to expand internationally.

Self-employed visa:
You must prove to Canadian Immigration that you are legally able to work in Canada and have relevant sports or arts experience.

Express Entry Program:
The Express Entry program is the preferred method of obtaining permanent residency in Canada. However, you must be a highly competent person to be accepted into this program. Scores along the way vary based on experience, qualifications, education, and skills. Most people enter Canada and apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:
This is one of the flows of the Express Entry program. To live in Canada, you must have a minimum of 10 years of work experience in managerial, professional, technical, or manual work.

Federal Handicraft Program:
This program is open to applicants if he has two years of work experience within the last five years. It helps if you have a reasonable score in IELTS.

State Candidate Programs:
You can also obtain Canadian immigration if you are nominated by a Canadian province and meet the criteria for enrollment in this program. Note that each state focuses on different groups of people. B. Students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, semi-skilled workers.

Quebec Selected Skilled Workers:
Individuals wishing to live in Quebec must apply for this immigration program. To receive this approval, you must apply for a Quebec Election Certificate and meet the requirements of the Government of Quebec.

Atlantic Immigration Program:
Those planning to live in Canada can immigrate to Atlantic Her Canada through this immigration program. The states included are Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Brunswick, Labrador, and Newfoundland.

Some unique work visa programs can speed up the approval process. For example, the International Migration Program allows temporary workers to be hired without detailed documentation if Canada would benefit from the situation from an economic, cultural, or another competitive perspective. Follow these basic rules for any plan:

Be sure to leave the country when your permit expires. When you move to Canada, you must prove that you can cover your living expenses.
Maintain a clean criminal record.
Work only with legitimate employers.
Stay in touch with your visa officer.

Permit application:
After choosing the right immigration plan you need, you can start the Canadian visa application process. To find out if you are eligible for a visa, you must first register for an account on the Immigration Canada website and then answer a few questions. To receive instructions regarding your specific visa type, you will need to provide the required documentation and an email address, if eligible. You will receive a referral code. Make a note of the reference number as you will need it for the rest of the application. You can submit your Canadian visa application in two ways:

You can submit online: To submit your Canadian visa application online, create a Government of Canada Login (GCKey) account.

You can submit it in person: You can submit your Canadian visa application directly to the Canadian embassy in your country of residence.
Be prepared to pay the visa application fee. Please note that the cost depends on the type of visa you apply for, and you may also have to pay extra for services such as translation and courier services.
Other ways to move to Canada:

You can also immigrate to Canada for family or study purposes.

Immigration Routes to Family Reunification:
If you have a spouse, partner, parent, or grandparent living in Canada, you can apply for family reunification there. Other relatives can sponsor you if needed.

Immigration Route for Study Abroad:
The best way to get a student visa in Canada is to be enrolled in an approved educational program. However, it is rare for a student visa to be converted into a work permit or residence permit. However, you can apply for a postgraduate work permit after completing your studies.

Submission of visa application:
When preparing to immigrate to Canada, it is essential to check whether you need an entry visa. A Canadian visa application is not required for certain categories of people who can only enter the country with an electronic permit.

Money needed to move to Canada:
Immigration to Canada costs him CAD 2,300 for one person and CAD 4,500 for him a couple. This number does not include the settlement funds that many applicants must present to qualify for Canadian immigration. Amounts vary based on family size and start at approximately $13,000 CAD per applicant. Additional fees may apply if candidates apply through state programs.

Proof of Settlement Funds is not required for individuals applying for Canadian Jobs or Canadian Experience Classes.

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